Nuclear Power compared to other sources

This is how many
windmills are needed to equal one nuclear plant

Drawing by Jason Correia
One Nuclear Power Plant
produces 1000 megawatts per hour.You would need 60,000 acres and
2400 to 2800 wind turbines to equal 1,000 megawatts
You need 5,000 acres of solar panels to equal 1,000 megawatts of electricity. Those solar panels only work at peak power levels during the sunny times, so, on average, they only put out about 25% of their rated capacity. That means you really need 20,000 acres of solar panels to generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity per hour, on average. 20,000 acres is 31.25 square miles.
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    William Tucker Article Why I Still Support Nuclear Power, Even After Fukushima April 23/2011

    Does the same kind of comparisons.

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    Some data found in Robert Hargraves Presentation Aim High

  • Flooding the entire province of Ontario
    behind a 60 m dam would provide 80%
    of the power of Canada’s existing
    nuclear electric plants.
  • Displacing a single nuclear power plant
    with biomass would require 1,000
    square miles of prime Iowa farm land.
  • Wind farms on 300 square miles of land
    could displace a 1 GW nuclear plant.
    60 square miles of photovoltaic cells
    could generate 1 GW.
  • Powering New York City would require
    a wind farm the size of Connecticut.
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    America is missing out on the boom to be provided by the MST Reactor. Where does America stand right now? What are the roadblocks? Do we still have that stash of U233, or was it destroyed?

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