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Honestly. Abandoning Nuclear is a Very Stupid Idea

Is anybody wondering what will happen if more countries decide to stop producing Nuclear Energy?

I know I am and many nuclear engineers and supporters are thinking the same thing. They’re wondering how long before countries like Japan, Germany and Italy realize that their productivity will suffer without Nuclear Energy? They will be changing their minds after a few years because it is necessary to keep Nuclear energy. Wind and Solar are too expensive and unreliable. Italy and Germany will be relying on France and Russia to provide the bulk of the reliable energy, Natural gas from Russia and Nuclear Energy from France. Nuclear is the most reliable, abundant  and clean and that’s not just an after-thought. It’s a pollution free energy resource and it’s abundant especially since it has become clear that Thorium can be used as an alternative fuel cycle.
Considering that the industry needs more growth it won’t be a bad thing if more engineering programs churned out nuclear engineers in the future.

The Toronto Star has a good article called In For the Long Haul with Nuclear. Ontario gets half of it’s energy from Nuclear. We know that those who keep Nuclear will be making full use of it and ramping up more as soon as they realize that the fear of meltdowns are overblown and when other cities need energy to replace their failing renewable energy systems.

Only one of the three well known Nuclear accidents caused any significant loss of life. How those people died is no worse than how many have died in other energy producer related accidents like natural gas explosions and coal mining accidents.

It won’t be long before the replacement governments for Japan’s Kan, Germany’s Merkel and Italy’s Berlusconi have an about face regarding Nuclear energy. The new reactors are just too good to ignore.