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Some great reporting by Will Davis and Rod Adams lately. I’m sure I missed some other posts but these two are great reporting on issues that matter.

Will Davis at ANS Nuclear Cafe Spent fuel at Fukushima not dangerous. The people of Japan have been lied to by antinuclear individuals who claim to be experts. The people around Fukushima have been led to believe things are far worse than they are.

And Rod Adams discusses more on Jaczko Jaczko and Issa Communications date May 7, 2012

Jaczko has done the job he was meant for when carefully chosen by Reid to stop nuclear growth.

If he was working against the wishes of Harry Reid we’d surely see him being replaced.

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    Policy formulated by White House staff and aproevpd by President Obama is followed in such detail by NRC and DoE Department Heads it begs the question about an assumed Monarchy in Washington, DC. The sad fact remains that the financial and technical systems that this country depends on have been bought Lock Stock and Barrel by funny money and corruption. What is wrong with this picture?How much to fuel Air Force One every time a meeting is called when a telconference would get the job done. Well, it is obvious many more than one agenda is being worked at each destination. After all, The New World Order, and deals worked out of public view need to be done regardless of fuel cost to the Tax Payer. Classified Department of State documents that are classified only to cover up unilatoral actions by this administration need overview by the Congress. But how much corruption and abuse of power can the Congress investigate? I have concluded that writting to ones Congressman is a waste of effort. I can’t compete with Exxon’s Ideas and who has the favor of the Administration by whatever leverage.I was robbed once and found my options for recovery were nil. Damn! if it hasn’t happend again an by the government I trusted. Exposure of what is going on is our only recourse .How do you expose corruption and abuse of power as a citizen in the dark? Reply

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