A Letter to the Newest Federal Liberal Candidate – Justin Trudeau

Dear Justin Trudeau

I am in favour of any leader who knows energy science. That tells me they care about the environment and recognize that in order to protect the planet from disaster from climate change we cannot simply adapt an “all of the above” outlook on energy. The days of politicians who rely on other politicians to guide them on policy has to end. Consult with the experts, scientists and engineers. The need for energy will keep getting bigger and our resources will keep getting smaller. There is only one reliable source of energy that is sustainable and will never run out and that is nuclear energy. Look at the facts. http://thoriummsr.com and http://deregulatetheatom.com

I also urge you to consider the hysteria over radiation. (read F.E.A.R. Fukushima Emits Acceptable Radiation )

Two of the biggest discoveries I have made in recent years is related to radiation. One is that we all have experienced radiation from the beginning of time. (read Leslie Corrice’s page “The ‘Nuclear isn’t Natural’ Myth“) The same elements that have been around since the big bang are still releasing their radiation except perhaps the elements that have nearly disappeared from natural decay, the point is that our bodies have learned to deal with small amounts of radiation like what has occurred in Fukushima. In fact we evolved from a time when natural radiation was much stronger. (see The Time is Right For Discussing Hormesis )

Second is that nuclear activity is what keeps the earth’s core in a molten state and that without out it we would not have a magnetic field that enables the planet to deflect solar winds from the sun preventing us from turning into a dead planet.

The problem with wind and solar are a double whammy of expense and unreliability. The energy from nuclear is just so much more dense and reliable it occupies much less space. When you actually look at their differences you will be shocked. (see Nuclear power compared to other sources )

You can learn a lot by reading my two blogs above but also AtomicInsights.com and
following the “Energy From Thorium” page on facebook.

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