Is this only for the movies? “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore”

The classic film Network starring Peter Finch ( see speech here ) is a total fiction. I think it was probably 10 or 20 years too late.

The public was not ready to hear the message in the film. Now when it is just as relevant or even more so what are the chances of such an effective speech having mass effect on the public. Well we wish people cared more. I suggest that they do care but they simply feel numb and powerless to make any significant change.

But the character Howard Beal was correct. First we need to acknowledge our anger. For some of us that is like setting off a time bomb of emotions. The point here is that we will never see change for the good unless we make our feelings known. Don’t be a “passive observer.” Don’t “tune out” and hide from the pain. Be a participant. I say that is a patriotic thing to do. That defines patriotism. To be engaged in the growing as a nation. Growing as people.

That is the only way I see that real change can happen.

What we don’t realize is that many of us are on the couch too much. We are too tired after trying to make ends meet to even find time to learn about some news story that gets our attention. Should we try to get to the bottom of a story. Well my experience is that the news is not reliable, especially televised news.

I am not saying you need to sacrifice your rest time to learn about what’s going on but if you do a little work on finding your inner activist you will maybe be motivated to catch up on weekends or prioritize your time to fit the occasional quality news and learning sessions. Learning how to find truthful and accurate information is an art we should all develop.

So what do we do after we accept that we are are angry and we do care about things such as climate change and gun control. Your power is best expressed locally. Writing or phoning your local reps are both effective ways to show you care. Decisions are often motivated by getting votes. That’s how you can make a difference.

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