Future of Nuclear Conference in Toronto Oct. 9th

Future of Nuclear, a Conference that will be held in Toronto, Ontario, on Oct 9 in the beautiful Mars Center on College Street, just east of University Ave.

ONTARIO is home to the largest-capacity nuclear plants in the world supplying 12,500 Megawatts to the province. Sixty percent of our power is nuclear. Our CANDU reactors have an outstanding performance record for safety and reliability. With AECLs privatization two years ago there are new opportunities for renewed global growth reaching beyond the existing plants in South Korea, India, China and Argentina. Ontario’s workable energy mix is the new green standard, with nuclear playing an important role while science progresses forward.

See what science and technology hold in store for energy innovation and solutions. The keynote speaker will be Tom Mitchell, the CEO of Ontario Power Generation. His keynote responds to MIT Prof. Richard Lester’s call for action against the climate breakdown:

    “If the world is to avoid the most harmful effects of rising greenhouse gas levels while still meeting the demand for abundant, affordable, reliable energy, nothing less than a fundamental transformation of current patterns of energy production, delivery, and use will be necessary. This historic transformation to a low-carbon energy system will almost certainly not be achievable without a large-scale expansion of nuclear energy globally, along with very rapid scale-up of renewables and major advances in energy efficiency in both developed and developing economies.”

Also on the roster is Canadian visionary and inventor, physicist David LeBlanc, founder and director of Terrestrial Energy Inc. He will update us on his new Generation-Four reactor which he envisages will be operational in less than a decade. We are making significant gains in eliminating coal plants and reducing fossil fuel emissions. Future reactors will go even farther by converting existing nuclear waste into fuel and providing process heat for industrial use never before available.

The media turmoil in the wake of the Fukushima disaster is giving way to a calmer, more reflective climate where a less polarized discussion of nuclear options and a more holistic perspective of energy in all its forms is taking place.

I hope to see you at the conference. You can become a pathfinder and help Canada be a leader of an emerging safer nuclear renaissance. Join me for a full day’s conference on Wednesday, Oct 9.

See details on their website FutureOfNuclear.com, where you can register. Hope to see you soon.


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