My Second Midlife Crisis

​I am writing this as I face an uncertain future as an activist. Without going back to school I want to know how one makes a difference in their locality in my case Ontario. Ideally I’d like to have the whole Canadian government attend an all day seminar to teach them the truth about energy. Failing that I’d settle for the Premier of Ontario and the Energy minister. What I have realized is that without funds my activism is nothing more than PR. As a person who has limited resources you can imagine a self employed musician has with few ways to communicate outside website blogs.​ Without funding there’s not much choice.​

I followed a steady path after quitting university back in 1976. I wanted to get a music degree in composition but changed my mind when I realized I could not study the masters until fourth year. Also it was too costly and I did not have the right teachers. I made a career of music anyway. logo9

Almost 30 years later I got my degree in computer science (still paying student loans.) In the last seven years ​​I have found my​ ​interest is consumed with all things nuclear. Science would have been​ ​my calling with the right mentors but music was indeed my stronger​ ​talent.

So I am getting to know key players in the nuclear industry. ​I have been a volunteer for various nuclear conferences and that is giving me a better idea of what the “climate” in the nuclear industry is like for lack of a better word. ​​I know it’s all about refurbishing right now​ but I hope that changes. I will be advocating to convert Pickering into a Generation IV nuclear facility in 2020 rather than decommission.

The Energy Reality Project is my cause and the name I chose to spite Al Gore and his anti nuclear ideology who claims to understand “climate.” You may wonder how a musician arrived at my current views. It was through the Thorium evangelism of Kirk Sorensen back in 2007. But I have come a long way since then. I realize that energy is the most important issue that is connected to every other issue in many ways. I don’t think there is a better world-changing topic that is more meaningful. And nuclear energy is the only type of energy that can effectively make a difference.

I have noticed the fascination that the industry has for Small Modular Reactors and I applaud David LeBlanc for his successes with the IMSR and Terrestrial Energy.

What I am lacking is any kind of industry support for my wish to educate the people that matter. I hope to turn the Energy Reality Project into a one stop easy to access plain language source for people to grasp what nuclear energy is all about. It seemed only natural that with so many learning challenged people out there that a
resource that is unbiased (on the surface anyway, that was the original intent) and makes comparisons and reveals what each energy source is and how they perform that it would become a great tool.

I know that websites are not much good without a presence in the real world. I am planning to get a on-profit status. We will organize meetings and do things as a group. I have chosen to visit the annual American Geophysical Union conference this December 15th to 19th at the Muscone Center in San Francisco. I will be there Monday to Wednesday and I am volunteering at the Thorium Energy of Silicon Valley booth #2617 to promote Molten Salt Reactors along with a handful of other topics such as awareness of oceanic acidity, the saving of the Diablo reactor and of course theEnergy Reality Project.

You can see I have raised some funds here through a new kind of crowd funding. It is far short of my needs but a beginning.​ I also have donate buttons at and on​

There is so much more I could have shared (see my pronuclear websites below) but it better if you explore my websites. So if you are able to arrange funding please do so and if you are unable at this time maybe provide any suggestions what you think should be my next course of action.

Depending on the level of sponsorship or donation you can arrange I can list the kind of funds I would like. $20,000 would allow me to pursue non-profit status and legal fees as well as allow me to spend the time needed on the project and blogging without worries of making a living for the next year. $9,000 would allow me to develop and pay a professional writer for a story about molten salt reactors plus deal with travel expenses to two conferences in 2015 in the US. This would give a much needed boost for nuclear approval ratings. $700 would help with my rent in for next month and give me some printed materials to promote the various topics at the AGU conference.

Thank you.

Rick Maltese

My @pronuclear Assets

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