Ontario Public Service Announcement Dec-2014

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will hold a two-part public hearing on the application by Bruce Power Inc. (Bruce Power) to renew, for a period of five years, its power reactor operating licence (PROL) for the Bruce Nuclear Generating Stations (NGS) A and B located in Kincardine, Ontario.

The current licence authorizes Bruce Power to operate the Bruce NGS A and B, which consists of eight nuclear reactors and their associated equipment, designed to produce electrical power.

~Hearing Part 1: February 5, 2015~

Place: CNSC Public Hearing Room, 14th floor, 280 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Time: as set by the agenda published prior to the hearing date

~Hearing Part 2: April 14, 15 and 16, 2015~

Place: The Royal Canadian Legion, 219 Lambton Street, Kincardine, Ontario

Time: as set by the agenda published prior to the hearing date

The public hearing will be webcast live and then archived for a period of 90 days on the CNSC website, http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca.

Members of the public who have an interest or expertise in this matter or information that may be useful to the Commission are invited to comment on Bruce Power’s application on Hearing Part 2. Requests to
intervene must be filed with the Secretary of the Commission by March 16, 2015, either online – at http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/the-commission/intervention/ – or via the coordinates below. Pursuant to the
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Rules of Procedure, the request must include the following information:

- a written submission of the comments to be presented to the Commission

- a statement setting out whether the requester wishes to intervene by way of written submission only or by way of written submission and oral presentation

- name, address and telephone number of the requester

Personal information, such as address and telephone numbers, is essential for linking the submission to its author. Please submit your personal information on a separate page to ensure its confidentiality. It
should be noted that all submissions are available to the public upon request to the Secretariat.

Bruce Power’s submission and CNSC staff’s recommendations to be considered at Hearing Part 1 will be available after January 5, 2015. These documents are not downloadable. To obtain them, a request must be made
to the Secretariat or directly from the website. Agendas, hearing transcripts and information on the hearing process are available at the CNSC website, nuclearsafety.gc.ca.

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