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I am a pronuclear advocate and was always fascinated by it’s power. I could have chosen science for a career but I loved music and I was getting the best grades in music so it was what I chose. But science, physics and philosophy were still high on my list of best subjects. I am also a science fiction fan and had no trouble imagining all kinds of possibilities for our future. I have what I consider a healthy blend of skepticism and idealism. Our countries Canada and the United Sates, and the rest of the world, have failed as a community to adapt to the needs in order to prepare ourselves for future generations. I am deeply concerned about the damage caused by trying to maintain an acceptable standard of living. The creation of fuel and the producing of energy for electricity is being pursued in a desperate manner. We are still building coal plants and now natural gas plants and using oil to produce gasoline. We know it’s wrong but few of us are doing anything about it. This is my small contribution. I am still composing and recording and being true to my music but to feel more complete I needed to pass on the message that nuclear energy is the most important tool we can use to enable civilization to start reversing the trend of climate change. You can email me at rick@rickmaltesemusic.com


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    Hi, Rick.

    I got my best marks in engineering so took the path of least resistance. After 40 years in and around utility and industrial energy I retired in 1996.

    I then spent about 10 years recording classical music – over 100 CDs – then drifted back into engineering writing about energy after I became unable to ignore the gathering storm of Global Warming.

    I’m a poor writer and don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make a book out of the web site’s contents but am still picking away at it.

    Good luck on what looks like an even more difficult task.

    My hope is that a global presence will eventually emerge to reconcile local nuclear equipment and safety issues somewhat along the lines of what happened in the area of radio frequency assignment and use.


    Jim Holm

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    Thanks Jim
    I finally started adding affiliate ads to try to make a few dollars to pay for my time. I hope the readers keep coming back

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