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The follow information on Canadian Nuclear Research Labs was found at run by Jeremy Whitlock

There are currently eight “operating” research reactors in Canada:

  1. AECL’s Chalk River Laboratory 135 MWth NRU
  2. AECL’s Chalk River Laboratory zero-energy test reactor ZED-2
  3. University of Alberta (Edmonton) 20 kWth SLOWPOKE-2 reactor
  4. Saskatchewan Research Council (Saskatoon) 20 kWth SLOWPOKE-2 reactor
  5. Royal Military College (Kingston) 20 kWth SLOWPOKE-2 reactor
  6. Dalhousie University (Halifax) 20 kWth SLOWPOKE-2 reactor
  7. L’Ecole Polytechnique (Montreal)
  8. 5 MWth MTR-type reactor at McMaster University

A Canadian-supplied SLOWPOKE-2 is also operated at the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences, Kingston, Jamaica, and two SLOWPOKE-2 units – the original prototype at the University of Toronto and one at MDS Nordion’s facility in Kanata – have been shut down).

The SLOWPOKE-2 is a low-energy, pool-type research reactor designed by AECL. It uses passive cooling and safety systems, and is licensed to run unattended for short periods of time (e.g.. overnight). AECL also designed a scaled-up version (2-10 MWth) of SLOWPOKE for district heating. See related FAQ.

The latest research-reactor technology developed by AECL is called MAPLE (see related FAQ).


ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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