Fossil Fuel Industries

Oil, Coal, Gas, Natural Gas and Natural Gas as a Load Follower

127 rail cars of coal by Rod Adam’s

Greenpeace can be useful sometimes when they publish facts about coal.
Biggest Climate Villains Article in Financial Post


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    Here’s a recent post by nnadir about Phasing out fossil fuel energy with nuclear energy from his Nuclear Australia blog called Welcome Christina. She happens to be an antinuclear blogger.
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    “…When all these emissions are counted, gas may be as little as 25 percent cleaner than coal, or perhaps even less….”

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    Although this is about wind it’s more importantly about deception and how the Natural Gas industry is tricking the public by luring them to think Natural Gas is just what’s needed when the wind stops blowing. But there’s more than meets the eye. Methane is invisible so we can’t see the harm it’s doing. It is measurable but there are no reports by Natural Gas companies about how much escapes into the atmosphere when fracking takes place.

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