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They are currently trying to get a law amendment 316 b to the Clean Water Act passed for cooling water towers for all plants include nuclear and coal plants. The trouble is that it will cost $90 billion for the upgrades. They claim aquatic life is being killed. But in fact since building reactors near these bodies of water fish populations have been improved in some areas like Indian Point. Indian point nuclear plant has helped improve the ecology which is a good thing.


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    The latest efforts by the EPA is to enforce the 316B

    “Sec. 316. Thermal Discharges.
    (b) Any standard established pursuant to section 301 or section 306 of this Act and applicable to a point source shall require that the location, design, construction, and capacity of cooling water intake structures reflect the best technology available for minimizing adverse environmental impact.”

    There have been estimates of $95 Billion needed for required upgrades. The goal is to protect the fish and waterlife. Indian Point Nuclear Plant is an example who has provided a more than adequate solution to dealing with this. They have screens that prevent the intake of small creatures and redirect them back to their natural habitat and they also replenish the fish population through hatcheries.

    Any other examples would be welcome.

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    The EPA has no jurisdiction over the Natural Gas industry because of laws passed during the Bush/Cheney era.
    see Gasland

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