Greenpeace activists have done some good on this planet but unfortunately they are a type of extremist and have a philosophy that is harmful from a technical standpoint.

Here are some of the things they say which one day with some help out there I will post answers to.

  1. Greenpeace has been against nuclear energy for over 40 years. Our position on nukes is concrete, it has never wavered.
  2. Thank you for your email. Greenpeace opposes nuclear power, because it is inextricably linked to nuclear weapons. Nuclear power plants produce the radioactive material and knowledge for nuclear weapons. Even if you could de-couple nuclear power from nuclear weapons; the technology has proven to be both expensive & dangerous.
  3. The first 75 reactors built in the US had a $100 billion dollar cost overrun and that was before they melted down the reactor at Three Mile Island. Nuclear power has bankrupted utilities and caused the greatest municipal bond failure in US history. Forbes magazine called it the greatest managerial disaster in the history of American business.
  4. Nuclear power is dangerous for several reasons. The release of radiation from either the nuclear reactor or the radioactive waste is the primary safety concern. Each reactor contains more radiation than was released by the bombing of Hiroshima. Should that radiation be released into the environment by accident, incident or terrorist attack, it has the potential to devastate the entire region.
  5. Nuclear power produces three things: electricity, radioactive waste and the means to create nuclear weapons. You cannot spread nuclear power without also spreading the knowledge and ability to produce nuclear weapons. This has been evident since the inception of nuclear power and proven by India’s “peaceful” nuclear explosion in 1974.
  6. Why would Greenpeace oppose nuclear power given the reality of global warming?
    Greenpeace is unwilling to leap from the global warming frying pan into the nuclear fire because it won’t work. If we are to abate catastrophic climate change we must invest in those technologies that can be brought on line quickly and inexpensively.
  7. Nuclear power doesn’t fit the bill. General Electric promised the Japanese a new reactor for $1500/kw. The actual cost was double that! A $4 billion reactor is not a solution to anything.
  8. Nuclear power has always promised more than it can deliver, and industry claims concerning global warming are no different. Rather than providing energy “too cheap to meter” nuclear power is too expensive to matter.
  9. Wouldn’t more nuclear power plants help ease soaring gas prices?
    No! Despite the nuclear industry propaganda, nuclear power has NOTHING to do with gasoline prices or our addiction to foreign sources of oil. Nuclear power plants produce electricity. But only 3 % of U.S. electricity is generated with oil. And that is residual oil and is not used to produce gasoline. So, in fact, nuclear power can have little or no impact on U.S. oil addiction.
  10. Has Greenpeace changed its position on nuclear power?
    NO! Greenpeace was founded as an antinuclear organization. We have opposed nuclear weapons and nuclear power since our founding in 1971 when a crew sailed the Phyllis Cormack to Amchitka to halt a US nuclear bomb test. We continue to oppose the spread and use nuclear weapons and the technology it has spawned, nuclear power.

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