Some of you may have been misled. The only opportunities here are for your hard work to take your communication skills and help get the word out that we need to end coal plants and replace them with nuclear plants. I will try to add any other related stories such as gas plants or how much CO2 was saved by not having coal plants replace nuclear.
Coal Plants in the US - 600 coal plants produce about 54% of elctricity 175 coal-fired generators that collectively represent 27 gigawatts (GW) worth of electricity-generating capacity are set to retire between 2012 and 2016. Learn more: Coal Fired Plants Shut Down EPA (Natural News)
Coal Plants in China - estimates between 620 to 2000 coal plants produce over 60% of electricity
Coal Plants in Canada
    Ontario Coal Plants (5 Plants - all to be phased out by 2014)
  • Atikokan is slotted to be converted to Biomass Plant in 2014
  • Nanticoke Generating Station - Currently, a regulation under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) stipulates that coal will not be used in Ontario to generate electricity past December 31, 2014.[23]
  • Nanticoke is scheduled to phase out its use of coal and switch to using biomass
  • Lambton put into permanent shutdown effective October 1, 2010.
  • Thunder Bay Generating Plant - The plant will stop burning coal and be converted to natural gas, as part of the Ontario government's commitment to phase out all of its coal-burning power generation by 2014.
    Alberta Coal Plants (6 Plants)
    Battle River - 670 MWatts
    Genesee Generating Station - 1,212 MWatts
    Milner Generating Station -   144 MWatts
    Keephills Generating Station - 800 MWatts
    Sheerness Generating Station - 760 MWatts
    Sundance Power Station - 1,566 MWatts
      Manitoba Coal Plants (1 coal Plant)
      Brandon Generating Station - 340 MWatts

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