NPP by State

States that have
Nuclear Power Plants

  1. Bellefonte, Alabama (Unfinished)
  2. Browns Ferry, Alabama
  3. Farley (Joseph M. Farley), Alabama
  4. Palo Verde, Arizona
  5. Arkansas Nuclear One, Arkansas
  6. Diablo Canyon, California
  7. San Onofre, California
  8. Millstone, Connecticut
  9. Crystal River 3, Florida
  10. St. Lucie, Florida
  11. Turkey Point, Florida
  12. Alvin W. Vogtle, Georgia
  13. Hatch (Edwin I. Hatch), Georgia
  14. Byron, Illinois
  15. Braidwood, Illinois
  16. Clinton, Illinois
  17. Dresden, Illinois
  18. LaSalle County, Illinois
  19. Quad Cities, Illinois
  20. Marble Hill, Indiana (Unfinished)
  21. Duane Arnold, Iowa
  22. Wolf Creek, Kansas
  23. River Bend, Louisiana
  24. Waterford, Louisiana
  25. Calvert Cliffs, Maryland
  26. Pilgrim, Massachusetts
  27. Donald C. Cook, Michigan
  28. Enrico Fermi, Michigan
  29. Palisades, Michigan
  30. Monticello, Minnesota
  31. Prairie Island, Minnesota
  32. Grand Gulf, Mississippi
  33. Callaway, Missouri
  34. MSTR, Missouri
  1. Cooper, Nebraska
  2. Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
  3. Seabrook, New Hampshire
  4. Hope Creek, New Jersey
  5. Oyster Creek, New Jersey
  6. Salem, New Jersey
  7. FitzPatrick, New York
  8. Ginna, New York
  9. Indian Point, New York
  10. Nine Mile Point, New York
  11. Brunswick, North Carolina
  12. McGuire, North Carolina
  13. Shearon Harris, North Carolina
  14. Davis-Besse, Ohio
  15. Perry, Ohio
  16. Beaver Valley, Pennsylvania
  17. Limerick, Pennsylvania
  18. Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
  19. Penn State Research Reactor
  20. Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania
  21. Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
  22. Catawba, South Carolina
  23. Oconee, South Carolina
  24. Virgil C. Summer, South Carolina
  25. H.B. Robinson, South Carolina
  26. Sequoyah, Tennessee
  27. Watts Bar, Tennessee
  28. Comanche Peak, Texas
  29. South Texas, Texas
  30. Vermont Yankee, Vermont
  31. North Anna, Virginia
  32. Surry, Virginia
  33. Columbia, Washington
  34. Kewaunee, Wisconsin
  35. Point Beach, Wisconsin

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  • May 13, 2011 - 2:47 am | Permalink

    NRC Public Blog
    “Flooding along the Mississippi River Valley has sent thousands scurrying for safety. Amid the havoc, three nuclear power plants along the Mississippi are making preparations to deal with rising flood waters. If all goes as planned, they should be able to safely continue operating through the worst of the predicted flooding.

    Grand Gulf in Port Gibson, Miss., River Bend near Baton Rouge, La., and Waterford near New Orleans were designed and built to be able to withstand floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and other furies of Mother Nature. Plans are in place at all three facilities to ensure the protection of plant personnel, the public and the environment.

    NRC’s resident inspectors at Grand Gulf have been monitoring preparations by Entergy workers. According to projections by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the plant should be able to keep operating safely even as river levels rise. The plant is located 132.5 feet above mean sea level and the river is expected to crest at 95 feet on May 19. No safety-related equipment is expected to be affected by the flooding. But as a preventive measure, plant personnel are sandbagging and applying waterproof sealants to buildings and non-safety related equipment.

    Emergency diesel generators have been checked and re-checked as have emergency batteries that would be relied on in the unlikely event the diesels fail. Unlike at Fukushima, the diesels are located in water-proof buildings.”

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